About Us

PANDA TOUR is a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agency) aiming to reach the global standarts of tour operation.

Panda Tour was founded in 2010 in the small village of Sarıgerme as a small tourist business for exciting excursions, airport transfers, guiding service, car rental, accommodation and flight tickets.
Panda Tour is a small family business, founded by Adnan Ünlü, and has the capacity of showing the renowned Turkish hospitality. Adnan, who comes from Ortaca, has been in the tourism industry for all his working life and knows just about everything there is to know about local the area. The biggest happiness of the company is to receive priceless feedback from their customers.

Aim: All guests have a great holiday, no worries about the transfer, clean accommodation, helpful staff, attractive tours and above all good, good memories about Sarigerme.

All excursions and services mentioned here are upto date and where possible kept regularly updated and does not reflect in any way the services of other tour operaters but Panda Travel. see T&C is to be the Number One Online information and service provider in the region for its clients all over the world who are interested in Sarigerme village and surrounding area.

Motto is we make it easy , and we believe in this as we know ,making it easy for our clients is a crucial factor for success and reaching the Vision we dream of.